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Farmarindo Jaya
PT Farmarindo Jaya
Has beed established since 2002. Started with supplying Pharmaceutical Industries, now also supply other segment, such as Food, Beverage and Cosmetics.
Why Glass?
Glass, like no other material, is a guarentee for the Pharmaceutical, Food, Beverage and Cosmetic Industri - because it is transparent and hygienic. It makes customers happy to see "What is inside" and reassures the Pharmaceutical, Food, Beverage and Cosmetic Industri because it can count on perfect preservation of their products.
Our Service
We respond well to our customers requirement : Continued Supply, Competitive Price, Good Quality, Low Inventory and Promptness. With about 10,000 m2 warehouse in 2 main cities, we can fulfill those requirement.

For Stock Items, we build up stock for our customers. No need to worry about lead time, minimum quantity and inventory.

We also help our customer to reach their optimum efficiency by designing most suitable packaging for their products. Just tell the requirements and detail product and filling process, we will make custom design.
Glad to Serve
We do not differentiate big customers and small customers, whether part of multi-national company or small family business, we treat all customers the same. We provide same level of service, we offer our professionalism and experience in Glass Packaging Supply.

We are glad to serve you.
Please contact us for your Glass Packging inquiries.